The goal of review one was to build a full scale prototype of photogenic architecture which would integrate many of the strategies explored in earlier studies (the cyanotype, UV light source, webcam).  The strategy of generating walls and floors that record was to first produce a series of fabric panels infused with the cyanotype chemicals and then hang them like curtains on a pvc pipe frame.

Initial tests were promising when exposed to direct sunlight.  Once fabric panels were exposed to sunlight and activity, they are processed by washing the chemical out and then hanging them out to dry.  My basement served as a sufficiently dark and controlled environment for the production, processing, and drying of the cyanotype walls.

A “room” lined with the treated fabric was the site for the first review of the work.  The three main light sources considered to have an influence on the sensitive walls were natural light via the window, UV light given off from a series of black lights, and light from the projector.  The critics and objects within the space were considered the objects to be scanned.


As the first attempt at this scale of installation there were several malfunctions and warranted criticisms.  Due to the lack of sunlight on the day of the review, the surfaces lacked the proper saturation of UV light and exposure time.  The review duration was about one hour, but exposure needed to be longer.

The main criticism other than craft were the need for greater control over the lighting conditions and type of relationships between objects, surfaces, user activity, etc.  Also, it was recommended to start considered the webcam as a more potent and unique recorder of a particular moment in space.  The walls were considered the main recorder of objects and movements in space, but perhaps the cyanotype is only suitable for recording objects in static contact or in close proximity to the surface, while a webcam is best for capturing motion.

Moving forward, this hybrid and specific placement of recording instruments in space will be very important as well as improving the craft of generating large scale cyanotype surfaces.