The final project trials now have a specific site!  I will be turning a average office space into a “photogenic space”  through the application of photosensitive paints and control of lighting.   The intent is to move through a series of very controlled full room tests in order to optimize the paint formula and to learn the types of relationships that can be captured on the walls.

The first thing that was noticed and located as a potential design opportunity was the excess of surface texture.  This is exciting because it allows for potentials in matching projection details with real life materials.  This enables similar animation/real object couplings to the ones explored earlier on.

The three key aspects that will animate and embed temporal photographic information into physical space are:

Projection and Physical Texture

Control of Light (Sunlight and Artificial)

Activity and Use.


The easiest aspect to explore is the control of light.  Below are beginning examples of how light can be specifically channeled and displaced as a way of animating and articulating the cyanopaint surfaces.